Dawna McLennan & HarpPixie Trio

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Dawna McLennan & HarpPixie Trio:  Music to Illuminate.

Ethereal, Neo-Classical Chamber Folk

To entertain is one thing. To enrich is another. Singer-Songwriter-Harper-Poet Dawna McLennan plays for that one note, that one resonant chord that opens a cascade of ‘yes’ inside you.  Her concerts blur the line between performance and transformational offering. She leads you toward introspection. Her stories invite vitality. Her songs ring with clarity. Her poetry bowls the thinking mind right over, and feeds the soul image-after-rapidfire-image.

As a workshop leader and as a performer, Dawna McLennan holds hands with the Muse and bows to the power of music to align and illuminate. You’ll leave lighter, clearer, and more inspired than when you walked in, as though you’ve sprouted wings.



Music and lyrics that hit on various levels of consciousness at once.
Music and poetry that tug gently at the soul.



“When I perform, I open with questions that direct the listener toward self-inquiry. I tell stories about the themes in the songs and poems. I perform the pieces. I invite engagement with group singing, and also allow pause for integration. It’s an honour to be the caretaker of these creative pieces. When I sing, my goal is to express the present moment with complete acceptance and freedom.

These songs and poems are my teachers. Creativity opens the door to radical growth and transformation. There is no hiding! Live performance at it’s best is an act of total presence and surrender. I’m intending to be a vessel of the Muse, to allow translucence. Music has the power to align all the disparate pieces of us into one ‘aha’ of integration, for a song or for a lifetime. I’m playing with that intention.” ~ Dawna McLennan


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Dawna McLennan: Music to Illuminate. Crystal-infused vocals, thirty-six ringing harp strings, ecstatic love songs, enaging storytelling, and spoken word poetry that leaves listeners agape.

HarpPixie Trio

HarpPixie Trio: Add the unparalleled alchemy of Jessica Doerner on Cello & Ben Johnson on Udu, and you have HarpPixie Trio. See  http://www.harppixie.com/biography/ for more info on HarpPixie Trio.