HARPPIXIE TRIO: Music to Illuminate. Transformative Chamber Folk music & spoken word, with Harp, Lyric Soprano Vocals, Cello and Udu (Nigerian clay drum).

HarpPixie Trio

Harp Pixie Trio: transfixing, transformative music and spoken word. HarpPixie Trio is an uncategorical acoustic fusion of Harp / Vocals / Spoken Word (Dawna McLennan), Cello (Jessica Doerner), Udu percussion (Ben Johnson).

HarpPixie Trio performs original music and image-driven poetry while bowing to transformation. They’re playing for that one note, one phrase, one lyric that lifts the listener into a luminous relationship with the moment. They aim to light you up.

Dawna McLennan‘s ecstatic love songs form the basis of the new Canadian trio’s material, which she articulates in a clear and open vocal style, while keeping any number of her thirty-six Harp strings ringing and singing. Jessica Doerner‘s masterful contemporary Cello voice soars all over the aural map, between plaintive cries, whale songs, and pulsing grooves. Ben Johnson brings an unexpected flavour of world percussion into the mix, playing intricate rhythms on a spectacular clay drum called the Udu.

It’s possible they are the only trio on the entire planet combining Udu and Cello with Harp, Vocals, and Spoken Word. Every moment is unprecedented!

Please peruse our online offerings to get a taste for the unique, serene, spine-tingling music we have to offer.

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DAWNA MCLENNAN: Music to Illuminate. Ethereal Chamber Folk Music with Harp, Lyric Soprano Vocals, Spoken Word.


Dawna McLennan: Music to Illuminate. To entertain is one thing. To enrich is another. Singer-Songwriter-Harper-Poet Dawna McLennan plays for that one note, that one resonant chord that opens a cascade of ‘yes’ inside you.  Her concerts blur the line between performance and transformational offering. She leads you toward introspection. Her stories invite vitality. Her songs ring with clarity. Her poetry bowls the thinking mind right over, and feeds the soul image-after-rapidfire-image.

As a workshop leader and as a performer, Dawna McLennan holds hands with the Muse and bows to the power of music to align and illuminate. You’ll leave lighter, clearer, and more inspired than when you walked in, as though you’ve sprouted wings.

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Dawna McLennan lives by the tiny Kootenay village of Kaslo, near Nelson (Canada, BC). Her studio looks out over the glacial waters of Kootenay Lake, and into the serene faces of the Percell mountains. Inspiration percolates through the wild beauty of this place. The raw transformative power of nature shines through the vivid imagery and transcendent feel of McLennan’s music.


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  1. In the sleepy town of Rossland, at the town market I heard a magical sound of the harp along with the beautiful voice of Dawna. The song was ‘Carry me through’ and it stopped me in my tracks, the beauty of the harp, the song and the singer herself was mesmerizing…..absolutely amazing talent, the CD is awesome, Thank you

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